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Wholesale Voice

CityIT is a leading global provider of telecommunication services with its significant strategic stakes in Asia, Europe & America. We provide Wholesale VoIP termination services through our multiple direct interconnect with Tier-1/ Tier-2/ PTT & Mobile Operators who look for highest quality in A-Z destinations at lowest possible rates. Our expert NOC (Network Operations Center) Team monitors the routes 24/7 and responds instantly in case of any disruption in the link.

CityIT’s robust network with powerful routing infrastructure enables it to provide unlimited ports where thousands of concurrent calls can be catered without compromising the quality. We are constantly growing our partner portfolio to build mutually beneficial relationships with all our clients. With numerous interconnects, constant quality monitoring, automatic routing and 24/7 NOC support, CityIT is certainly in the best position to provide premium routing services in the market.

  • cityit
  • April 15, 2020

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