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Soft Switch

CityIT is a leading provider of reliable, profitable, and intuitive global telecommunications solutions for Internet Telephony worldwide. Our innovative VoIP products and solutions are architected by a development team that has focused on revolutionizing telecommunications since 2011, delivering cost-effective communication architecture with operating costs that cannot be matched by any traditional circuit-switched PSTN network provider worldwide.

CityIT is the official partner of cityitBill switch. We offer a hosted Softswitch & billing platform to various retail & wholesale telecom service providers. With CityIT, you can offer a full range of VoIP services, without investing in your own infrastructure. Our Class 4 softswitch capabilities provide the perfect hosted solution for Wholesale VoIP while Class 5 softswitches are perfect for end-user services such as hosted IP PBX, residential VoIP and more. Our system is highly secured, and with tools like Anti Login and Anti hacking, we ensure that your data remains secured and no one can see or use it except you. All our servers are located in United States and it is itself assurance of 99.9% uptime.

We have our own support and development team who work round the clock 24X7X365 to resolve any of your technical issue instantly.

  • cityit
  • April 15, 2020

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