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When it comes to bespoke website design and development service, it requires a creative experience team (from site architecture, web design, content creation to website development) to meet the branding guideline and user expectation.

At SEO Audit Agency, we create a unique website in order to meet the business needs for digital branding and unique online identity. We don’t use the template or predefine design. We provide a 100% custom design and development service.

If you are not planning to create a large scale website, then database driven web is not mandatory for you. Simple HTML, CSS, Javascript & jQeury combination can serve the purpose of creating the website for personal or business needs.

Based on website requirements, we provide detail guidelines on why and when you should consider static web development to reduce production cost for save your money and focus on online business development.

If you have a significant amount of page or data on your website, which requires a constant update for smooth business operation, a dynamic website should be in your digital plan. Using Dynamic content management website, you can easily login to the website control panel and update the content. For this, you don’t need any technical knowledge.

Dynamic CMS website is also suitable for large business to manage the data properly and update news, events, photos, videos or any other necessary content on the website, which doesn’t require any additional cost.

All our website design and development project include 90 days of free bugs and error fixing support. Some package has 180 or 365 days free support, but 90 days without any additional cost will add value to your business.

Free support starts, when we finish the development process and go live with the website. During this phase, if you notice any bugs or error, at that time, we will provide full technical support for fixing the issue with the highest priority.

Once you finish the website design and development work, what is your next move? You need to keep your website up-to-date, which required dedicated skill workers who have enough knowledge and experiences for website, content, server, graphics, and the search engine optimization service.

We are a team of dedicated specialist, can offer you instantly and continuous support to manage your business website on the day to days basis.

  • Super fast website load
  • Custom and unique design and development
  • Included top level domain every package
  • Secure admin panel to manage website content
  • Create an unlimited page for the website.
  • Minimum technical knowledge required
  • Error? We will fix it, free of cost
  • Minor update? We will update, free of cost.
  • Need change? We will provide a free consultation.
  • Instant support during business hour.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Fixed or hourly cost per month.

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Who are we?

We are Roots Communication Ltd. is a leading International Voice Gateway (IGW) operator in Bangladesh. Roots Communication Ltd. has successfully been handling international incoming and outgoing voice traffic for Bangladesh over its international telecom network. Roots Communication Ltd. has a state of the art 24/7/365 NOC which is maintaining excellent service quality and uptime for its Domestic and international interconnected telecom partners

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute to a world with better opportunities keeping close proximity to our partners by being responsive, reliable and friendly.

Our Mission

Ensure quality of service with the latest technology to our partners at home and abroad. Our mission is quite simply to focus on strengthening our brand.

Our Values

Our Values are a reflection of the socially and environmentally responsible company we aspire to be. They form the foundation pillars for all business.

24/7 Live support

You will get technical support 24/7/365 with Live chat, Email and Phone Without pay any extra charge. We provide live support and phone support.

Our Technology

We runs on top of the line switching equipment located in Bangladesh and Singapore capable of IP and TDM which enhanced our connectivity to a number of Tier 1 and Retail operators among other niche players. We are connected with nationwide voice networks through multiple STM-1 TDM circuits with the local operators and internationally via multiple IPLC link through SEA-ME-WE-4 submarine and international terrestrial cable (ITC) to ensure flawless service with highest level of quality.

At Roots Communication Limited, we believe in transparency. We pride ourselves on being accountable to our customers and upholding the highest standard of service to achieve wholesale and retail customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Our Network


To cater highest level of voice quality, Roots Communication Ltd. is connected via multiple STM-1 based TDM circuits with downstream local operators in Bangladesh. For international connectivity multiple STM-1 links through SEA-ME-WE-4 submarine cable and other terrestrial cables have been ensured using both SIP and H.323 protocol to maintain QoS commitment.

NGN Class 4 switches from Sansay and TelcoBridges Support for SIP and H.323 interconnects with protocol Support for all major CODECs like G711, G723, G729 etc. Support for Private and Public IP interconnection 24 x 7 NOC with high-skilled support personnel Network security ensured against network anomalies and DoS attacks. All mission critical network elements including core, transmission & billing platform have been designed in 1+1 redundancy architecture

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Contact us about anything related to our company or services. We'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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